Digital Presence Audit

digital presence audit

$299, three-business-day turnaround time.

A Digital Presence Audit, or DPA, is a discrete fact-finding service for a variety of purposes. Potential use-cases for a DPA:

  • Premarital screening,
  • Screening a person who's in a romantic relationship with a loved one you're concerned about,
  • Background checks as due-diligence on potential business partner, or
  • Reviewing your romantic partner to locate digital traces of infidelity, if there are any.

These are the most commonly requested types of audits, but if you need something else pop me a mail at

You'll receive your report in a discrete email. The report itself will be a password-protected pdf with a nondescript name for your privacy. Download a sample report.

Reports typically take two to four hours to complete. Once you've paid your deposit and I've reviewed your form, I'll message you to discuss your requirements and let you know the likely timing. Turnaround time from when I've received your deposit and info form is three days, unless discussed otherwise when we chat.

Get started now.

1. Fill in the form

Give me the skinny. I need to know who you are, who the person is, and what's going on.


2. Pay

DPAs cost $299 and must be paid up front. Once work has commenced, payment is non-refundable.

E-transfer to or Paypal.

3. I'll call you & begin

Once I've received your info and deposit, I'll call or text you (whichever is your preference) and get cracking.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You'll receive your report via email as a password-protected PDF with a nondescript name, for your privacy. I'll send you the password for your report separately by text.

After reviewing your report, if you'd like to discuss any of my findings or possible next-steps, give me a call. If, after reviewing your report, you want me to look a little deeper into something, we'll work out a plan together. My rate is $60 CAD per hour and I'll give you an estimate that you must agree to before going ahead.

In certain cases, I might identify that you'll need the services of a private investigator (for example, surveillance or a romantic loyalty test). In those cases I will be referring you to licensed private investigator Anna J. James of Recover Agency.


words from my clients


“The DPA helped me find out more information on my husband (at the time). It helped me realize the man that I was with was a con artist, to say the least… and without this help I would have been misled. Thank you!”
- Kelly


“I needed help with clarifying some information about someone and the DPA was very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend it. Everything is discreet from the interaction to the information requested. The report made me realize that I have a very honest partner”
- Ariana


“Thank you for connecting with me. I have always known my purpose was to help others that have lived through these horrible things but I didn’t really know where to focus my energy. You have given me a new-found focus and a purpose and I haven’t felt a purpose in so long. I am so grateful to have contacted you.”
- Tiffany

Download a Sample Report

download a sample report
Sample DPA Rreport


I've prepared a sample report to give you a sense of the information that can be uncovered, and the format of the report you'll receive.

It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway: in the sample report, Daniel & Ashley Kerns and all other details are fictional. Photographs are AI-generated.

Download PDF

Terms & Disclaimer

terms & disclaimer

Please read the sample report. It is important that to do this so that you have a clear understanding of what you're getting. Bear in mind that what is in the sample report will be different for each person - if the person doesn't track to any adult websites that's obviously not going to be in your report. Furthermore, If your partner doesn't track to any adult websites that does not mean that they are not using any adult websites.

I'm a one-woman show. I offer this service in a freelance research consulting capacity and not in affiliation or partnership with any other person or agency.

Use my findings and do your own research with them. I can't and won't be held responsible for any information enclosed in a DPA report, or liable for anything that happens because of a DPA report I've created. I make every possible effort to present accurate information, but it is vital that you review my findings with a critical eye and not take anything as a given. For example, I don't want your relationship ending because I found a Tinder profile that your partner stopped using before you got together. You know your partner better than I do.

I can't find what doesn't exist. I can’t guarantee the results you're looking for. It's outside of my control how (and whether) a person uses the internet. If they've got a secret TikTok account, for example, it isn't a given that I'll be able to find it. Some people are just better at hiding their behaviour and activities online than others. And sometimes, the person isn't being unfaithful after all. That's what I hope for.

Please don’t ask me to do anything unethical or illegal. I will not try to hack into anyone's accounts, and I will not break the law. Please don't waste your time and mine by asking me to do anything evil, malicious, illegal or nefarious.

Audits I've started on are non-refundable. What you're buying from me is my time and expertise, and as such, once I've begun your audit no refunds are processed.

Waiver of liability. By filling in your intake form and paying your deposit, you acknowledge and agree that I will not be held responsible or liable for anything that arises as a result of the report.

Your privacy & safety. Your safety and privacy are of utmost importance to me. I won’t share anything with any other party, nor will I contact them. If I do need to, I will first contact you and get your express consent. Additionally, none of the research that I do will alert anyone to the fact that they're being reviewed.

Further work. In these DPA reports, I might find a thread that reveals an entire sweater that needs unravelling. Should a scenario like this arise, I'll chat to you about it and if you'd like me to do a deeper review, I will do so at a rate of $60 CAD per hour. You will never be spontaneously billed for unapproved research. In situations where private investigation is needed, I will refer you to Anna J. James of Recover Private Investigations Agency.

I do not guarantee results. As I mentioned before, I have no control over what the person does and does not do. If the type of information you'd like to get isn't findable, then I obviously won't be able to include this in your report. I will detail all of what I've done in your report, even if the checks haven't turned anything up. What I do guarantee is discretion and thoroughness.

Hi Everybody! I'm Sam.


I'm an ordinary, what-you-see-is-what-you-get cool cat, just like you. I'm from South Africa and now I live in Vancouver with my extra cool husband Scott and our two hairy assholes, Lucy & Truffle. I wear my heart on my sleeve and helping people makes me feel good.

I'm both a cat person and a dog person (yes, you can be both). I like crime-related content, and I love girls supporting girls! I like stuff that sparkles, yellow, bags & sunglasses, computer & phone games, tech gadgets and especially sunshine. I'm a cancer-survivor, so now my time is extremely precious to me.

I've worked in tech for 21 years (yikes!) on web projects. Little bit of code, little bit of design, and all self-taught. For 10 years, I was part of the team working on TakeBackTheTech, which I'm really proud of. It's a non-profit website of resources to help people (mostly women) protect themselves online, and particularly in way to prevent women's online activities resulting in their physical danger.

From 2012 to 2022, Scott and I built our own business called Hello Pretty, which was South Africa's largest marketplace for designers, artists and crafters. So I'm also an entrepreneur! When we moved to Vancouver (where Scott is from) we decided it was time for new things. So here we are, in Vancouver, where I'm doing a bit of studying in some new things that interest me.

Before getting Lucy and Truffle, travel was one of the centres of my universe - I cannot get enough. Among plenty of independent trips, I have also done two round-the-world trips (with those fancy tickets and everything!), one on my own and one with Scott. I've visited Zanzibar, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. Whew.

I'm lucky because I have an amazing family in South Africa, and I also have an amazing bonus family in Vernon thanks to Scott. We spend as much time with them both as we can. And I know everyone thinks that they have the best friends in existence but they are wrong, because I do!

I really care about people and I love hearing your stories. After having lived through a toxic and abusive relationship myself, seeing people being disrespected, abused and/or lied to by their partner stings. It isn't uncommon for abuse to accompany infidelity too, and if either of these things are happening to you, let me help you figure it out.


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